26 Mar 2024

SMP Prefectorial Board 2024/25 Installation Ceremony

After undergoing a three-month probation period, we warmly welcome the new prefects to join our SMP Prefectorial Board for the year 2024/25. These prefects are selected students who demonstrate exceptional leadership and achieve excellent academic results. These young leaders have taken a pledge to uphold the school's rules and carry out their duties without fear or favour.

We are also proud to announce that Lee Xin Hong emerged victorious by receiving the highest votes during the Head Prefect election campaign held from 22nd January 2024 to 26th January 2024. We hope that Xin Hong will continue to uphold integrity and responsibility in leadership, ultimately bringing positive changes to the school.

Presenting the distinguished prefect exco of SMP Prefectorial Board for the academic year 2024/25:

Head Prefect: Lee Xin Hong
Assistant Head Prefect: Tajul Aleem bin Tajul Arifin
Secretary: Khavin A/L Pannir Selvam
Head of Disciplinary Department: Chong Zheng Tao
Head of Creativity Department: Liang Yee Shiang