Founder Message

A Message From Dato' Tan Eng Boon, Founder of Joland Group

I always believe that education should not be a privilege of a selected few, it is a basic civil right for everyone. Looking at our current education system and the rapid globalization, I think Malaysia needs a positive and inspiring educational vision, to mould our children to be the cream of the crop both nationally and internationally.

In order for our children to be able to compete globally, we decided to establish Paragon Education. Paragon Education will invest and provide the necessary changes to our education system in order to meet the challenges our children will face. Dato' Sri Wiliarto Kuosastra, my Indonesian counterpart is also actively involved in contributing to education in Indonesia, I am honoured that we share the same vision and venture into Paragon Education.

Besides that, Paragon Education creates a coherent corporate social responsibility strategy that aligns social and environmental efforts with the business purpose and values of Joland. We can maximize positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes to benefit the communities and our employees while strengthening our corporate standing in the region.

Paragon School inspires children to become global citizens by providing a holistic education within a nurturing, student-centered environment of full immersion in multiple languages and cultures to make our students prominent in competitive education landscape. In line with our motto "Non ducor, duco" which means "I am not led, I lead", Paragon School is where future leaders will be born.