Teachers & Administrators

  • Dato’ Mohd Azmi Istamat Chairman of Paragon Education Board of Governors

    Dato' Mohd Azmi Istamat is the Chairman of the Board of Governors for Paragon Private School (Primary and Secondary) in Johor Bahru. Prior to this, he worked as a government servant for 20 years holding the last position as Deputy Director, Private Education Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE). His core expertise is on planning and managing the implementation of private education policy; registration and monitoring the institution compliance under Act 550 (Education Act 1996) including the enforcement under the Act; and execute strategic planning in promoting private education institutions (PEI) for local and international perspective cover countries such as Indonesia (Jakarta and Bandung), China (Beijing) and Vietnam.

    Dato' Mohd Azmi Istamat was involved in reviewing the current private education to transform the private education landscape under the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) Lab and especially under TERAJU Lab to increase the capacity in building private education institutions.

    Dato' Mohd Azmi Istamat has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from University Utara Malaysia He also possessed a Bachelor in Academy (Hons) from University Kebangsaaan Malaysia (UKM) and a preferred qualification of Diploma in Education (Hons).

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  • Dr Fong Ho Kheong Member of Paragon Education Board of Governors

    Dr Fong obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree from King's College London, University of London, specialising in mathematics education. He taught at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University Singapore for 24 years. He is not only the Founder of BrainBuilder but also Founder of the Association of Maths Educators, Singapore. His foresight in setting up the Association has contributed significantly to maths education in Singapore.

    Dr Fong is an international renowned maths book author. He is the consultant and principal author of the most popular Maths series ‘My Pals Are Here Mathematics' that is used by 80% of Singapore's primary schools. The series is also widely used globally. The maths series is adapted to the USA curriculum and renamed as Math in Focus and to the UK curriculum as Inspire Maths.

    Dr Fong had pioneered the use of various innovative heuristics approach for solving challenging mathematical problems at primary levels and published two books (Model Drawing and Heuristics) using these strategies. Together with My Pals Are Here Mathematics, these books have contributed significantly to Singapore's success in international maths competitions and studies such as the TIMSS and PISA.

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  • Ms Lee Hian School Director of Paragon Education

    Highly qualified with 1st Class Honours and Masters Degree, Ms. Lee Hian leads Beacon International College, Singapore with more than 30 years of teaching and course management experience. She attained her Masters Degrees: M.Sc. Physics, Gold Award from Nanyang University, Singapore and M.Sc. Computing from University of Manchester, UK.

    Ms Lee Hian was an IT Professional from 1972 –1984. She joined Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore as a Senior Lecturer from 1984 –2003. She has 6 years experience as a Course Manager for BTEC programmes and for 5 years she was the SQC Departmental Management Representative for the School of ICT in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She ran as the President of the student counselling committee for 2 terms during her service with Ngee Ann Polytechnic. In 2004, Ms Lee Hian founded Beacon International College (fka Beacon School of Technology), a private education institution which is registered (ERF) with the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore.

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  • Dr Ng Hien Ghim Private Secondary School Principal

    Dr Ng Hien Ghim is a passionate and dedicated educationist who believes strongly in lifelong learning. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from Northumbria University after obtaining is Master Degree in Accounting and Finance Management from Abertay University. He graduated from Northumbria University with his Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance.

    With 20 years of teaching experience, Dr Ng Hien Ghim is well versed in teaching Accounting (SPM & STPM)., Mathematics (SPM) and Economics (SPM). He has been the Principal of established private schools in Johor Bahru for the past 8 years. He is a leader with clear vision who put his words into actions. He shares his strategic planning and strives to provide holistic education which is in line with the 21st century education.

    Dr Ng Hien Ghim is also the founder and the president of TTC EDU Group since year 2000. He is experienced in coaching team members, organising events, facilitating programs, and developing consensus for strategic planning. Among the awards he received are Enterprises Education Top 100 in China (Year 2014) and the Best Instructor in International Abacus & Mental Arithmetic from Taiwan Superman School (Year 2013).

    With his vast experience, outstanding personality and qualities, Dr Ng Hien Ghim is sure to lead the school with vision and dedication.

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  • Mr Aubrey Groves International Secondary School Principal

    Aubrey originates from north west London, England.

    After obtaining an honours degree in Social Sciences at the University of West England, he completed his Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

    Aubrey has subsequently gone on to complete his Masters in International Education at Oxford Brookes as well as completing his certification at the Principal’s Training Center in London and Miami. He has also worked as an international school inspector for both New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).

    Aubrey spent over 20 years as an international teacher in UK, Hong Kong, China, Colombia, India and Sri Lanka, teaching students aged between four and 80 years old. He has lead international schools in South America, Africa and Asia. His diverse experiences have given him a huge toolbox of skills and experiences.
    Aubrey is a committed and passionate international educator who always wants to give the very best to his students, teachers and the school. He endeavours to lead by example and inspire all those around him to excel.

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  • Mr Chong Su Min Private Primary School Principal

    Mr. Chong Su Min has wide experiences and exposure serving as an educator and school administrator for the past 38 years before moving into private education. He had obtained his teaching professional certificate from Raja Melewar Teachers’ Training College, Negeri Sembilan in 1978.

    Having recently retired from the government schools, he had served as a teacher in SJKC Ban Foo, Ulu Tiram, SJKC Foon Yew 1 and as a Vice Principal in SJKC Foon Yew 2.

    During his service in SJKC Foon Yew 2, Mr Chong had shown his capability and significant leadership in raising the school academic performance. In 2012, SJKC Foon Yew 2 was awarded as a High Performance School by MOE of Malaysia.
    Besides being an administrator, Mr Chong was a UPSR Science Exam Paper marking team leader. He had shared his knowledge and marking skills to many schools, which included the inland schools in Sabah by giving inspirational talks. He strongly believes that teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm – all things that he is more than willing to provide on a daily basis. He also believes that the quality of leadership makes a significant difference to school and student outcomes.

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  • Ms Elynn Pang International Primary School Principal

    Ms Elynn Pang graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) in Business Information Technology from Coventry University United Kingdom in 2003 and subsequently obtained her Master Degree in Education from Wawasan Open University Malaysia in 2016. Taking a keen interest in furthering her education studies and also in gaining overseas exposure, she has completed an Education Research Project at the University of Helsinki, Finland in 2018.  Through her well-rounded education journey, she has gained global awareness and forged strong connections locally and abroad.

    As an effective educator with a passion to introduce new learning to students, she has founded her own Learning Centre in 2012.  She is recognized for her creative techniques as well as her ability to explain and untangle difficult concepts in a simple manner that students are able to understand.
    Prior to joining Paragon International School, she served as the Vice Principal at a private school in Johor Bahru. She was also one of the founding teachers of an international School in Johor Bahru.

    With an optimistic and open mind, she is willing to push her boundaries to serve the educator sector with zeal and enthusiasm.

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