What are the benefits of CIE qualifications (IGCSE)?

The IGCSE certification is international recognized. With successful completion and results from the IGCSE examinations, students may apply to Colleges / Universities in UK, US, Singapore, Australia, etc for entry into foundation or High School courses.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

At least Bachelor Degrees in related field.

What is the timetable like (studying hours)? Are there after school care provided?

Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm, Hours: 6 hours / day. There will be after school care provided but at an additional cost. Homework class will start from 3.00pm - 6.00pm daily.

* CCA maybe on weekdays or weekends.

Any transportation services provided?

Yes. Bus service is provided.

What kind of textbooks will be used? Where can the parents buy the textbooks from?

Private school: National textbooks + references books. International school: International books + references. Textbooks maybe purchased from the bookshop.

Where can parents buy the school uniform from? What's the price a year?

Uniform can be bought from the school bookshop / admin office.

What is the average class size? Private & International?

Private: 35 students, International: 25 students

How is the discipline in the school?

Paragon Education will adopt the Counselling & Character building approach when it comes to discipline. There will be a Merit / Demerit points system. A disciplinary board will oversee the conduct of students.

When are the school holidays?

Paragon Education will follow the National School’s holidays.

When are the examination periods?

  • Private school: SPM (Around December)
  • International School: CIE checkpoints, IGCSE (Around June and November)

Can we make an appointment to visit the school?

Yes, the school campus is ready for viewing.