Singapore iPSLE

The Singapore international Primary School Examination (iPSLE) is the international version of Singapore's Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), an examination offered to all pupils at the end of Primary Education. The iPSLE was introduced with the aim of providing benchmarking for overseas schools which are interested to benchmark against Singapore's standard.


Currently, iPSLE is offered to schools outside Singapore. There is no restriction on the maximum age for pupils taking iPSLE.


The following subjects are available in the iPSLE: English Language, Mathematics, Science, Chinese Language, Malay Language and Tamil Language. Pupils may sit a maximum of 4 subjects.


The standards and testing requirements of iPSLE are similar to the Singapore PSLE.


Examination results are usually released in November of the examination year.

Results will be reported in the form of subject grades:
A*, A, B, C, D, E

The overall performance of a pupil is reported in terms of an Aggregate Score. This aggregate score is derived from the T-scores (i.e. Transformed Scores) in all the subjects sat, which must include the three subjects - English Language, Mathematics and Science.


Candidates who achieve a grade E or better for at least ONE subject will receive an iPSLE certificate awarded by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).


Our school will register our candidates with the appointed local examination centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

For students who wish to choose to take the iPSLE examination, they may sign up for the exam enrichment classes from Primary Four or Year Four onwards for iPSLE preparation. The cost of the exam enrichment classes will be about RM500 for 2 – 3 times a week.

For students who are taking iPSLE examination, they will take the exam at the same year as UPSR Primary Six / Year Six. The enrichment classes for iPSLE examination will be conducted in Primary Five and Six.

Prerequisite for iPSLE : Grade A in English and Mathematics (Primary 4 or Year 4)
(Recommendation from school management)

Paragon Private and International School is offering classes in the Primary and Secondary levels. The school provides the Primary and Secondary classes for both the National Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE.

Paragon Private School integrates curriculum focuses on the National Syllabus but has an integration with the Singapore’s syllabus. Students will be well prepared for the National examination but at the same time have a deeper understanding of each subject area through the blended learning approach. At the end of Primary Six, students will be able take iPSLE (Singapore).

Paragon International School has an integrated curriculum which equips students with the best concepts from United Kingdom (UK) and Singapore. At the end of Year Six, students will be able to sit for the CIE (UK) and iPSLE (Singapore)* examinations.

* iPSLE examination will be taken in Johor Bahru, Malaysia