28 Oct 2020

P6 Students Get A Taste Of Secondary School

Our P6 students are busy completing their final year of primary schooling with one eye on the secondary school learning journey that awaits them next year.

On 26 & 28 October 2020, the P6 was invited to join our secondary school to experience two secondary school lessons, completing a Science lesson in our modern science lab with Ms Sophie and Ms Lau (Head of Science Department, SMP) and a fun and challenging Math lesson with Mr Tai (Head of Mathematic Department, SMP).

It’s a great opportunity for primary students to see that secondary school is not scary, but exciting. It is also a great chance for teachers to begin to build relationships with students who will be with them next year.

Our P6 students had a great experience with many of them telling us that they were looking forward to going to secondary school and that they were feeling less anxious about it now.