02 Nov 2020

Celebration of Achievement - Year 6

The Class of 2020 has seen its ups and downs during the pandemic. However, the year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The Year 6 students have demonstrated perseverance and resilience during the pandemic.

They have learnt how important they are to one another, and how important it is to value times that they have together. The graduation is a big step for Year 6 students as they are moving up to a whole new world of secondary education.

A graduation party took place at Paragon International Primary School to celebrate the end of our Year 6 students primary school. It gave us an opportunity to honor our students and thank the wonderful teachers at Paragon International Primary for all they have done.

Congratulations Paragon International Primary School Class of 2020 and good luck on the next step of your journey!