19 Jan 2021

Congratulations to our IGCSE students!!

Congratulations to our IGCSE students and your hard work has paid off despite the pandemic!

The students’ dedication and hard work over the past few years, along with support provided by their teachers and parents, have led them to achieve their own personal best.

It is a fantastic achievement that 11 of our Year 11 Students managed to achieve 4A /A* and above in the IGCSE 2020 Examinations and one of the students has obtained straight A's.

We are extremely happy and proud to see their outstanding results. Congratulations!

9As (FLYING COLOURS) – Goh Zhe Yu (Y11S)
8As – Chong Yi (Y11S)
7As – Daryl Lim Fang Sheng (Y11S)
6As – Yong Hui Cheng (Y11A), Lee Yi Xuan (Y11S), Su Yu Jie (Y11S)
5As – Eunice Lim Qi Xuan (Y11S), Penny Ong Xiao Yao (Y11S), Rachel Yap Yan Cen (Y11S), Shaun Lim Fang Chuen (Y11S)
4As – Tan Xin Yi (Y11A)