21 May 2023

Record-Breaking Success of SMP Chinese Debate Team

Congratulations to our incredible Sekolah Menengah Paragon Chinese Debate Team on their phenomenal achievement in securing the 1st runner-up in this year's Southern Johor Secondary School Chinese Debate Competition!

Our students demonstrated mastery of the Chinese language, presenting persuasive arguments with eloquence and clarity that set them apart from the competition. This achievement is a testament to their tireless dedication and the guidance provided by our dedicated teachers.

On behalf of the entire school community, we express our deepest admiration and gratitude to the Sekolah Menengah Paragon Chinese Debate Team and our dedicated teachers. This success not only showcases the talent and capabilities of our students but also highlights the collaborative spirit and unity within our school community.

The remarkable success has indeed set a high standard for future debaters to aspire to. Congratulations and well done!

Team Captain : Dr. Ang Yee Ling
Coach : Dr. Tan Yong Chee
Debate Team :Tee Le Xuan, Ngan Xi En (Best Debater in Quarter Final), Kelly Kiah Sin Yi (Best Debater in Preliminary Round & Semi Final), Chong Yuek Ferng, Chew Yee Sheng, Low Jin Wu