04 Oct 2023

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program 2023

Fifty students from Sekolah Menengah Paragon participated in the intensive Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in collaboration with Toastmasters District 102. This program aimed to develop leadership qualities and enhance various aspects of effective communication, including impromptu speaking, speech organization, active listening, gestures, voice, and vocabulary.

Over two days, the participants supported each other in overcoming their fear of public speaking and received mentorship on organizing speeches, improving listening skills, and using effective gestures. They also worked on refining their voice and expanding their vocabulary.

The program's highlight was a stage presentation before parents, teachers, and mentors. Witnessing students conquer their stage fright and excel in various communication areas was heartening. We hope they continue to carry the courage and comprehensive communication skills forward. This program has empowered them to strive for continuous improvement and make a positive impact in their future endeavors.