28 Oct 2023


Paragon International Primary School celebrated the United Nations Day with a program that fostered empathy, cultural awareness and the value of peace. On this significant day, the school community came together to educate, inspire and engage young minds in the importance of being agents of positive change in a global scale to achieve the shared goal of peace among all.

The event commenced with a lively and colorful entrance with the flags of member countries of the United Nations. It was followed by an interesting speech and informative video about the UN’s mission in promoting peace and cooperation among various countries in the world. Knowledge was put to the test with the UN- themed quiz which the students enthusiastically answered correctly. The vibrant cultural performances of a group of students from the different continents was a showcase of the beauty of diversity and global unity.

Then, everyone paused for the “Time Out for Peace”, a symbolic minute of silence to think, pray or wish for peace in the world. Then, class representatives took turns in showing the flags and stating the word peace in the language of their chosen countries. Their presentation was according to the continents each year level studied about this year. The high-spirited event concluded with an enlightening speech from one of the school principals, Mr. Rune.

The United Nations Day Program is an integration of Global Perspectives, History and Geography lessons. It commemorated the Ideals of the UN as well as encouraged students to become responsible global citizens who actively contribute to a more peaceful world.