22 Dec 2023

Joyful Jingles and Creative Delights

In the midst of festive cheer, the Year 1 students of 2024 at Paragon International School recently dove into a jubilant celebration during their Free Language Program (FLP) lesson. Laughter echoed through the classroom as these young learners engaged in a variety of spirited activities, creating an unforgettable Christmas party.

The classic game of Musical Chairs set a lively tone, with students dancing exuberantly, showcasing their enthusiasm and agility. Excitement filled the air during the Santa’s Bag guessing game, where each Year 1 student took turns exploring the contents of Santa's magical bag, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to the festive atmosphere.

Adding a personal touch to the celebration, students crafted their own Christmas headdresses, infusing the festivities with a unique sense of individuality. This creative endeavor not only enhanced their fine motor skills but also provided a canvas for showcasing their personality through festive decorations.

As we fondly reflect on this heartwarming celebration, here's to the enchantment of the season and the joy of learning and celebrating together at Paragon International School!