27 Nov 2023

Paragon International School Prefect Camp 2023

In a vibrant blend of adventure and camaraderie, Paragon International School's Year 4 to Year 11 prefects recently ventured into an exhilarating Prefect Camp at Leisure Farm Malaysia. This event stands as a living testament to our school's unwavering commitment to nurturing leadership skills.

From heart-pounding station games, featuring challenges like rope and ring, to the imaginative construction of balloon furniture during team activities, the camp was a kaleidoscope of excitement and collaboration. An inspiring touch was added by a special leadership talk delivered by our Year 11 and Year 10 senior prefects.

This camp is more than just an event; it symbolizes the culmination of the school year and serves as the grand finale orchestrated by our Year 11 senior prefects. Their unwavering dedication and leadership have indelibly shaped Paragon School's ethos. As we bid a fond farewell to this incredible camp, our heartfelt gratitude goes to our Year 11 students for crafting an event that truly embodies the spirit of Paragon's focus on cultivating leadership skills.

Here's to our prefects – the leaders of today and the legacy creators for tomorrow!