28 Dec 2023

Young Aviators Embark on a Sky-High Learning Adventure

Paragon International Secondary School students recently embarked on a thrilling Young Aviators Tour at Senai Cargo. The day unfolded with insightful explorations of aviation intricacies and safety protocols, featuring visits to an airplane maintenance center and an exhilarating first cockpit experience.

This immersive tour provided our young aviators with a deep dive into the world of aviation, offering valuable insights into aircraft structures, preflight checklists, and more. The highlight of the day was their first cockpit experience, granting them a unique perspective from the pilot's seat and fostering an imaginative connection with the skies.

At Paragon School, we take pride in offering such enriching opportunities that empower students to explore their interests beyond the classroom. The Young Aviators Tour has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on these young minds, sparking a passion for aviation that may well shape the future of aviators and aerospace enthusiasts.