12 Jan 2024

Year 6 & Year 9 Cambridge Checkpoint Achievements (Class of 2023)

Congratulations to our Y6 and Y9 students for their excellent result in the recent Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations, class of 2023.

Two standout individuals, Jayden Tang Lit Jin from Year 6 and Nicole Chan Yu En from Year 9, achieved perfection with flawless 50/50 scores in all three subjects, showcasing an extraordinary level of academic prowess.

The new performance bands now use a 0–50 scale. Scores reaching the bracket of 41-50 are labelled as Outstanding Achievers. This incredible feat was accomplished by none less than 55 of our students in one, two or all three subjects.

Bravo to our outstanding students as well a heartfelt thank you to our supportive teachers, parents and guardians.

Fantastic results yet again for Paragon International School.