17 Jan 2024

The Tournament of Champions at Yale University

Paragon International School Year 11 student - Tae Woo’s own words about his Journey to the Ivy League University, Yale.

“Going to the Tournament of Champions felt like an absolute dream for me. It was my first time visiting the United States, let alone visiting one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world: Yale. The best part was getting the chance to debate and compete with so many talented scholars who qualified with flying colours, which, while it may have been a challenging experience, definitely made my achievements a lot more rewarding.”

“The whole experience was fantastic; I got to network with a variety of people all across the globe hailing from different continents, and made so many new friends. I also got to explore the facilities at Yale and had the chance to not only visit so many different locations in the town of New Haven, but also, my city of dreams, New York. While the competition itself only lasted for a week or so, with each day feeling shorter than before due to how fun it was, the experiences I've earned at Yale's Tournament of Champions will definitely live within me for a lifetime, for it was such an unforgettable and memorable event. I am so grateful that, in the end, I was 38th place amongst the best 500 teams around the world, and achieved so many different awards”.

Final Awards Summary for Tae Woo’s World Scholar Cup Adventure at Yale University.
- 119th place individually overall out of 15000 participants
- 38th team overall out of 500 BEST TEAMS in the WORLD
- 11 medals, 7 gold, 4 silver