24 Jan 2024

PIS Prefect Installation Ceremony 2024

The Prefect & Librarian Installation Ceremony at Paragon International School for the year 2024 was successfully held during the weekly assembly.

The ceremony served as a testament to Paragon International School's commitment to fostering leadership skills among its students. Led by the Head of Prefect, Kwon Tae Woo(Y11), the Prefect Team took center stage to administer the Paragon School pledge.

As Paragon International School continues to prioritize the development of well-rounded individuals, the prefects serve as ambassadors of the school's values. Their responsibilities include overseeing various aspects of school life, such as ensuring a respectful environment, promoting positive behavior, and acting as role models for their peers.

Congratulations to all the appointed prefects and librarians for the year 2024! May your leadership journey at Paragon be filled with growth, learning, and positive impact on the school community.