26 Jan 2024

CCA Recruitment Day

Paragon International School's CCA Recruitment Day was a burst of excitement in the Multi-purpose Hall. A kaleidoscope of activities showcased diverse student talents, from the linguistic odyssey of the German Language Club to precision in Archery and the rhythmic beats of the Cheer and Dance booth.

Students explored captivating options at the Diabolo booth, while the Financial Literacy booth provided valuable insights. The Futsal club echoed teamwork spirit, and the English Genius Club sparked intellectual discussions. With many other booths such as ukulele, taekwondo, wushu, swimming, and more. The array of options ensures a school year filled with exploration, growth, camaraderie, and the vibrant tapestry of talents within our school community.

Exceptional personalized interactions between students and CCA coaches underscored the school's commitment to holistic education, extending learning beyond the classroom. A heartfelt thanks to coaches, organizers, and students for making the day a roaring success!