23 Jan 2024

A Lesson in Sustainable Farming

In the morning, our Sekolah Rendah Paragon group boarded a bus with excitement and were ready for a farm adventure. Leaving the hustle behind, we entered the peaceful nature. We were greeted by a friendly farmer who explained how farms contribute to our food supply. Seeing rows of vegetables and getting hands-on with them, we learned about the basics of organic farming. It was an eye-opening experience to see the hard work behind every fruit in the grocery store. We had a good time with farm animals, generating laughter and joy.

Throughout the day, we did farm chores and joined a composting workshop, feeling a sense of accomplishment. This experience made us appreciate the effort involved in farming and the importance of supporting local agriculture.

We said goodbye to the farm owner as the day came to an end, feeling grateful for the beauty of nature. The excursion was not only a fun adventure but also a lesson in sustainable farming and the interconnectedness of our food system. We returned to school with gratitude, committed to supporting local farmers and cherishing our farm memories.