10 Feb 2020

Johor International Students Leadership Conference

Exploring new things or experiences is one of the best ways to improve oneself regardless age and time. Students from Paragon Private & International School took a step ahead to improve themselves especially their leadership skills by taking part in one of the most crucial and happening event of the year, Johor International Students Leadership Conference (JISLC) which was held on 10th February 2020 at KSL Hotel & Resort Johor Bahru. This is a platform for students to enhance their motivation and gain self-confidence to be the leaders of society. There were 25 students from Paragon Private School took initiative to be a part of this conference.

Paragon Private School is honoured to send two representatives as paper presenters and one representative for poster presentation. These students showed their interest to be the part of the events and they were guided by the teachers. Both our students, Rishiey and Chi Guo Hao performed their presentation excellently in front of the judges and students. Koh Yan Chuan had the golden opportunity to present on leadership camp which is being held in school for the past 2 consecutive years.

Besides poster and paper presentation, our students had fruitful sessions by taking part in the workshops which was mainly about leadership. All our students had the chance to socialize with other school students and shared their opinions throughout the sessions. JISLC had been the most stimulating and valuable event among the students as they expanded their knowledge and input to lead their own life independently.